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ARTRAC_WORKPLAN.pngARTRAC started by analysing and consolidating the needs of traffic safety, OEMs and suppliers. In addition previous projects and their results were investigated, in particular the recent PReVENT IP and FRICTION.

This analysis leads to the definition of requirements for the novel sensor and is followed by work to create the sensor architecture and specifications dealing with antenna and multiple channel receiver specification, specification of the actual sensor performance and specification of the applications to be fed by the radar.

After that the actual development work starts, consisting of over 20 different major tasks/sub-tasks needed to realise the new radar prototype. The work is very much composed of parallel and intertwined development of radar hardware, software and performance-related algorithms as well as algorithms needed in vehicle integration. This is followed by verification and testing with all partners involved. The radar prototype will be available in December 2013. After that the integration of the radar prototype into test vehicles may start (one compact car, one light commercial vehicle). After checking functionality, full system tests with all pre-defined scenarios will follow.

The project will be completed after the last review and associated demonstration in October 2014.