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Successful Final Event in Ehra

As the project is coming to an end, the end results of ARTRAC were successfully presented in the proving ground of Volkswagen in Ehra near Wolfsburg on 26 September 2014. The team first presented the project results in short presentations but the highlight was the offer for participants to take test rides on the two demonstration cars.


Two cars were presented, a Golf GTI and a Fiat 500L, both equipped with the ARTRAC sensor.


The scenario shown for the Golf was that of a pedestrian crossing the road from behind a parked vehicle. On noticing this and deciding that braking was not sufficient, the car performed a steering recommendation and swerved around the pedestrian.


The Fiat however was shown in the scenario of a pedestrian entering the road and the car performing an automatic breaking operation to avoid collision.

From the reactions, participants were quite impressed, especially because it was a novel application of radar not only to notify the position, but also to track and recognize the object.