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First sensor tests conducted on proving ground in Ehra

In September 2013 the first sensor tests have been conducted with the ARTRAC sensor in operation. These tests took place in Volkswagen’s proving ground in Ehra, located close to Wolfsburg/ Germany the VW headquarters. This is a big progress step and milestone in the research and development activities.

The ARTRAC radar sensor is mounted on Volkswagen’s demonstrator vehicle Golf GTI, see figure 1.. The sensor was mechanically adjusted, connected to power network as well as the data bus network of the vehicle. After that sensor measurements could be visualized in the vehicle. In parallel a further sensor was investigated for comparison reasons.

ARTRAC test car

Fig. 1: ARTRAC sensor (black) integrated in the center of the grill below the license plate.

The proving ground offers a dedicated test facility especially for pedestrian which is rare in the world. This facility moves a pedestrian dummy mechanically across the road in a synchronized manner with the vehicle under test. The advantage of using this machine is that tests are reproducible und very precise in time and position. Furthermore, the device sends a reference signal about the current state (position, velocity) of the dummy which can be used to evaluate the sensors characteristic very accurate.

Testbrücke für Fußgängersicherheit

Fig. 2: Test facility especially for pedestrians on Volkswagen’s proving ground in Ehra.

In various test sequences which are described in Deliverable D7.1, sensor measurements have been recorded. After a two day test campaign over 80 trials were collected. Ongoing, this data is examined to further improve the sensor software, which will be tested in the upcoming weeks of November 2013