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Final ARTRAC event in Ehra

26 September 2014

Since November 1, 2011 the Advanced Radar Tracking and Classification for Enhanced Road Safety (ARTRAC) consortium has worked on developing a radar system to detect vulnerable road users as well as vehicles based on a single 24 GHz radar sensor. The functionality of the prototype will be demonstrated on compact class vehicles.

Funded under EU’s 7th Framework Programme, the project is now coming to a successful end. Therefore, the ARTRAC consortium invites you to a final event to explain the radar sensor development, the project results and experience with the Volkswagen and CRF demonstration cars.

Participants will have the opportunity to take test rides on the two ARTRAC demonstration cars (a VW Golf GTI and a Fiat 500).

Additionally there will be a poster corner where participants will have the opportunity to meet the project partners to discuss the work done.

For more information please go to the event page.