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User Needs and Requirements for VRU protecting systems based on multipurpose narrow-band radar: ARTRAC_Functional_Specs.pdf (ca. 9.1 MByte).

Project Flyer for ARTRAC  ARTRAC_Flyer_final.pdf (ca. 4.3 MByte).

First ARTRAC Newsletter:  artrac_newsletter_No1.pdf. If you want to receive future issues of the newsletter by mail, please contact us: email

Second ARTRAC Newsletter:  artrac_newsletter_No2.pdf.

Third ARTRAC Newsletter:  artrac_newsletter_No3.pdf

Fourth ARTRAC Newsletter:  artrac_newsletter_No4.pdf

ARTRAC Architecture and Specification:  ARTRAC_Architecture.pdf  (PDF, 6.03 MB)

Report on Vehicle Demonstrations: Report on vehicle demonstrations 

Description of the ARTRAC Sensor: ARTRAC_Sensor.pdf