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ARTRAC publishes Architecture and Specifications

Public version of document available for download

As work on the implementation of the ARTRAC sensor system is now fully under way, the document describing the architecture of the sensor system and its specifications has been released for publication.

The objective of this document is to specify the architecture of a 24GHz radar sensor which is to be implemented into passenger cars of the volume market segment.
Radar sensors measure simultaneously and unambiguously target range, radial velocity and azimuth angle even in multi target situations. Next to the radial velocity estimation within a single measurement cycle, radar offers several advantages over other sensor techniques, such as all weather capability or mounting opportunities
behind surfaces. 
After an introduction, a short comparison of other sensor techniques is given. The entire multi channel hardware is specified, including the new antenna design in accordance with the requirements list. In addition to the processing of the antenna signal for target resolution in azimuth direction, the resolutions in range and velocity for target determination in either geometric or kinematic extension are laid down. On this basis, the pedestrian detection and classification is designed. Road condition measurements are described as well as the on board integration and compatibility with automotive constraints.

The document is available for download: ARTRAC Architecture and Specification  (PDF, 6.03 MB)