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ARTRAC – Project to protect vulnerable road users has started

On 14 and 15 November 2011 the kickoff meeting for the EU project ARTRAC – Advanced Radar Tracking and Classification for Enhanced Road Safety took place at TuTech Innovation in Hamburg. In ARTRAC 8 partners from 5 European countries will develop a new radar system for compact cars and light commercial vehicles which helps to detect pedestrians and other vulnerable road users and, if necessary automatically invokes braking or collision avoidance actions. The new system will be cost-effective enough to be commercially viable even for small or compact cars.

The project is led by Hamburg University of Technology, Prof. Hermann Rohling, with the support of TuTech Innovation. Among the other partners are Volkswagen and Fiat as end users. ARTRAC will run until 31 October 2014 and is funded by the European Union under the 7th Framework Programme up to a sum of 2.8 million Euro.