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Advanced Radar Tracking and Classification for Enhanced Road Safety

ARTRAC.jpgARTRAC aims to develop, test and demonstrate an active vehicle safety system to protect vulnerable road users (VRUs) from vehicles in motion that is economically viable in the volume vehicle market. When the European Union set itself the goal of halving the number of road accident victims by 2010, intelligent vehicle safety systems (IVSS) were expected to catch on much faster than they have. The high cost of the available advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) is the main reason they are only in use in a few top-of-the-range models, and the EU target is still far from being met.

ARTRAC, whose consortium comprises car manufacturers, research organisations, universities and SMEs with experience in the sector, has set a target of October 2014 for developing a generic detection system that uses a single radar sensor to detect pedestrians, cyclists, and other vulnerable road users as well as vehicles, demonstrating the functionality of the prototype on compact class vehicles, and promoting it to relevant bodies and stakeholders, including end-users.

                                 The project is part-funded by the EU 7th Framework Programme.